Discount tickets

Discount tickets Plopsa

Discount tickets

Discover magical Plopsa benefits for your business!

Surprise your staff with tickets for one of the Plopsa parks. Choose physical tickets, e-tickets or request a free unique code. Your employees can order discount tickets quickly and easily via an exclusive online platform.

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Rates from 20 tickets:

  • Plopsaland De Panne: 31,50€ instead of 41,50€
  • Plopsaqua De Panne: 17,50€ instead of 22,50€
  • Plopsa Indoor Hasselt: 17,50€ instead of 22,50€
  • Plopsa Coo: 17,50€ instead of 27,50€
  • Plopsa Indoor Coevorden: 17,50€ instead of 22,50€
  • Holiday Park: 28,50€ instead of 38,50€